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vFit | Transformation Med Spa | Henderson


There are many reasons that some women experience diminished interest and satisfaction from intimate contact. This is very common after events like childbirth, weight gain, and other major body changes. Our medical spa now offers an incredible option to address this type of concern. The availability of vFit treatments in Henderson is helping more and more women to regain confidence in their bodies. 

In the past, intimate female therapies included invasive procedures like tissue reductions and reconstruction. In contrast, vFit highlights a technology that proves gentle therapies can be just as effective as surgical therapies. With the power of LED lighting and gentle warming, vFit gradually restores the natural sensations in a woman’s intimate areas. Vibrations, directed heat, and light stimulate the flow of blood and skin nutrients. This is achieved with the simple application of a massaging wand several times each week. This wand can be used at home, or it can be used under the guidance of one of our spa professionals. 

Restoring and protecting intimate function and comfort is very important for women of all ages. Traditional surgical treatments for problems in this area involve very difficult procedures. They often required tissue transplants, a host of recovery requirements, and permanent alteration of the body’s features. vFit Henderson clients of our spa can enjoy incredible restoration of intimate function through the use of a simple massage device. Every aspect of vFit and vFit-Plus is gentle, adjustable to body types, and discreet. Our spa professionals can prove to women that intimate area restoration is possible using simple elements like heat and light. This therapy never requires recovery periods. It also does not require medical knowledge to operate daily. If you want to revive your enjoyment of intimacy, ask our spa staff about vFit for women designs and regimens.

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