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Vaser Liposuction | Transformation Med Spa | Henderson

Vaser Liposuction

The need for the reduction of accumulated fat cells in the body should not always require a radical surgical approach. Vaser liposuction Henderson clients have the wonderful option of body fat elimination using extremely modern methods. Directed radio waves are as efficient at removing fat deposits as traditional invasive surgeries. 

Typical liposuction involves general anesthesia and a great amount of body tissue interference. This interference can cause bruising, swelling, and long recovery periods. Radio frequency fat elimination treatments eliminate the need for widespread surgical cutting, and some forms of anesthesia. Traditional liposuction relies on the invasive removal of fatty tissue. Vaser liposuction relies on fatty tissues being transformed into liquid states that can easily be removed. Vaser technology is effective with fatty deposits in large body areas like the abdomen and thighs. It is also extremely effective for eliminating fat in sensitive areas like the jawline, arms, and neck. Vaser techniques offer a way for patients to experience the benefits of traditional liposuction and recover in short periods. 

Vaser technology does not violently upset body tissues like traditional liposuction. Therefore, recovery periods after treatment are minimal. Bruising, clotting, and discoloration are temporary and easily managed. The results of vaser liposuction treatments are best seen after several months of healing, but the healing is far less uncomfortable than that of traditional surgery. Vaser liposuction Henderson clients can experience world class body reshaping results aside from typical post-surgery worries. Be sure to contact our spa staff for a complete description of what vaser liposuction entails. Use our convenient online client form to get started. We can suggest the right vaser treatment for any area of concern.

Smart Lipo

How Smartlipo Works 
Smartlipo uses laser technology to penetrate into your body noninvasively. That means you don’t have to be put under to go through the procedure. This alone makes the recovery time extremely minimal. That’s a significant advantage over standard liposuction procedures. This laser basically focuses in on fat cells that are stored in certain parts of your body. The laser uses radio frequency to damage them. Essentially, thermal energy is directed at the fat cells until they are destroyed. Once they’re no longer there, a tube carefully and gently sucks away the remaining fat until you’re left with an excellent and beautifully contoured body.  
As an added benefit, the Smart Lipo procedure in Henderson also tightens the skin. Since liposuction can often leave you with sagging skin after the procedure, that problem is removed with its successor, the Smart Lipo. In just one session, you can have a less than two-hour procedure that removes stubborn fat and improves the shape of your body. To finally achieve the appearance that you want, give us a call!

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