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Laser Liposuction | Transformation Med Spa | Henderson

Laser Liposuction

Why We Have Loose Skin

Weight gain and the effects of aging can damage our skin. We try to maintain our appearance, but the stretch marks and loose skin persists. There are treatment options available to improve your physique, and we offer liposuction in Henderson at the Transformation Med Spa. You don’t have to rely on invasive surgeries or other expensive alternatives. There’s a better choice available, and our team has the experience to help you achieve your goals. A new radiant figure isn’t too hard to obtain with laser liposuction. 

How Laser Liposuction Works

Laser liposuction uses radio wave frequencies to stimulate skin tightening, and the process burns fat. Our team of cosmetic experts applies the device to the areas where you want to remove fat. After the skin tightens up, the procedure is over, and recovery will begin. You won’t have to worry about your recovery time. Laser liposuction helps you reach your goals without the expense of an invasive procedure. Unlike more invasive surgeries, laser liposuction provides lasting results. You can maintain the skin tightening improvements for months, and you’ll notice how the effects complement your current healthy lifestyle. You can try this procedure and notice the results for yourself. 

Try Our Liposuction Services Today

You can try laser liposuction in Henderson for yourself. Our team has the experience to provide quality skin tightening services, and we focus on providing our clients with the results they want to see. Loose skin is a common problem and changes the way we look. You can try this procedure for yourself and experience the difference. You’ll lose the body fat in the areas you want. Contact Transformation Med Spa today to learn more information and schedule an appointment with a professional.

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