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Body Contouring

Beat Your Stubborn Body Fat with Body Contouring

You’ve put in the hard work at the gym. You’ve even changed your diet. Yet despite your almost religious practice of both, you’re not seeing the results that you expected. This isn’t your fault. Sometimes your body just needs a little extra help to get rid of that fat. Body contouring in Henderson could be the solution you need to receive the body you want with little to no recovery time. 

The Power of Radio Frequency

Our body contouring Henderson clinic uses the powerful device called Venus Versa that utilizes radio frequency to treat stubborn fat. Radio frequency essentially uses energy to damage targeted issues and structures. Besides the many other useful treatments that radio frequency can provide, in regard to stubborn fat, it can actually kill targeted fat cells. These cells are responsible for collecting and storing fat and are basically the biggest reason behind stubborn fat. By removing those cells, your body no longer is able to store fat in those areas. This then shapes your body into the profile that you’ve always desired


There are a remarkable number of reasons why Venus Versa should be chosen over other body contouring procedures. The first is just the ease of treatment. All you do is sit back and relax while our trained professional run the device over those targeted areas. It’s also considerably cheaper than contouring surgeries and doesn’t involve the recovery time. In fact, there isn’t any recovery time needed after the procedure. This allows you to go right back to work or your other responsibilities after the session is over. 

If you want a hassle-free method of ridding yourself of stubborn fat, then schedule an appointment for a consultation today.

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